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When it comes to esport tournaments based around the game Smite, the SWC stands out as the most popular one. It takes place annually every winter in Atlanta, Georgia. Hi-Rez Studios organizes the event. The SWC was first established in 2015. Since then it has developed into one of the biggest esports tournaments. Online esport betting sites favor the SWC due to its format. 10 teams compete in double eliminations stages before a single knockout final stage begins. This gives punters plenty of opportunity to analyze the performance of each player.

A lot of esport events gain the attention of the gambling community due to their high prize pools. Even at its lowest it still managed to total an impressive $785,000. Such high rewards have attracted the very best Smite teams from around the world.

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Everything about Smite, the game

During the first year there was $2.6 million up for grabs. This made it the third most lucrative esports prize pool of 2015. Well known competitions such as the League of Legends World Championships had lower rewards despite being considered more high profile at the time.

Gamblers can watch the SWC via online streams and place wagers on the matches. A range of bookies open markets based around this tournament.

Smite belongs to the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre. Since its release the game has been free to play. This is a common aspect of many of the most popular esport titles. Smite is currently available on several different platforms. This includes PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The player takes on the role of a mythological figure such as a god or goddess. They engage in team based combat matches. Each different character will have a unique ability to utilize during the fight. The team needs to come up with a winning strategy to outsmart both opponent players and NPC minions.

Smite esport championships such as the SWC tend to focus on player versus player modes. Consequently, gamblers need to familiarize themselves with how these matches work. It is also important to learn about the pros and cons of each specific god.

Only a dozen of them are available for free on a monthly basis. However, it is possible to unlock more by spending in-game currencies and completing challenges.

Professional players like to personalize their god characters with unique skins and emotes. However, events such as the SWC will usually restrict performance upgrades to make matches as fair as possible. It is important to take this into consideration when making a wager.

The rules of playing Smite

Before betting on esport leagues the gambler has to have a fair understanding of the game rules. Conquest is the most common game mode. It is similar to the one seen in League of Legends. Two teams made up of five players attempt to destroy the Phoenixes of the opposing team. There is also a giant warrior called the Titan that needs to be taken down.

The teams start the match at opposite ends of the map. Before entering the game a player has a certain amount of gold to spend on starting items. Pro Smite players think tactically about which enhancements will benefit the team.

In order to get from one side of the map to the other players have to travel through one of three lanes. Each one is defended by a Phoenix creature along with defensive towers. If players get too close to them they will sustain a lot of damage.

Minions are helpful NPCs that assist players in taking down the foes. They have a fairly weak attack but spawn regularly. There are four classes of god: warrior, mage, hunter, assassin and guardian. The best teams will come up with a winning class configuration that complements the group as a whole.

SWC's winning teams

When betting on esport tournaments it is always important to choose the right team. In Smite there needs to be a good balance of those who deal damage and heal companions. If everyone opts for a tank-type warrior then their opponents are more likely to exploit their weaknesses. Instead, winners of the SWC have chosen their gods carefully.

Major esport tournaments such as the SWC have large sums of money on the line. Only the very best Smite players will get through to the final. If a gambler is unsure of who to back there are several factors to look out for. It is useful to calculate the total amount of damage that the group can deal.

If this is lower than their opponents then they could be overpowered. Speed is another crucial element. These games are extremely fast paced. Winners have to perform attacks as quickly as possible.

The following teams have been champions of the SWC in the past. They are therefore ones to watch if they continue to take part in the tournament in the future:

  • Epsilon Esports
  • NRG Esports
  • eUnited
  • Splyce
  • SK Gaming
  • Pittsburgh Knights
  • Atlantis Leviathans

Biggest moments of the SWC's history

Since the SWC is one of the most exciting esport online tournaments, it makes sense that there have been a wide range of iconic moments since its inception. For example, MLCSt3alth wowed spectators when they ripped through the entire opposing team TITAN. It stood out as one of the most high octane battles in the history of Smite.

When Epsilon and Cloud 9 competed against each other the player YAMMYN managed to get a quadruple kill in matter of seconds. This Swedish Smite pro also made an impressive Celestial Beam kill in a separate match between Luminosity and NRG.

When Team Rival fought Eunited the player PolarBearMike used his specialist god attacks to great effect. He ended up striking the killing blow against a fire giant. This move won his team the game. On other occasions players have created memorable moments thanks to their expert defensive strategy.

This occurred in a match between Dignitas and Splyce. The captain of the Splyce managed to fight off the entire rival team. It is fair to say that every year of the tournament there is at least one moment that ends up sticking in the memories of viewers.

Where and how to bet on Smite World Championship

Since this tournament takes place during the Winter punters will have to wait for this season of the year before bookies open up SWC markets. Betting on esport tournaments has become much easier in recent years. This is due to the fact that video game wagering is increasingly mainstream.

In the fairly recent past gamblers would have been forced to search for niche esport bookies. However, now a large number of traditional sport bookmakers have added video game sections. Since Smite is very popular it will not be too difficult to find opportunities to bet on the SWC.

Once the person has chosen their preferred bookie it is time to consider which wager type to make. Most gamblers will be content with predicting the team that will win a match or tournament. If the gambler wants a more specialist bet there are several options. They may guess the team or player that draws first blood.

Since structure takedowns are a large aspect of the game the person may base their bet around it. Regardless of the wager type it is important to research both of the teams carefully. This can be done by watching their past matches.


When is the Smite World Championship 2022?

The 2022 Smite World Championship started on the 9th of October 2021 and the grand final took place on the 9th of January, 2022.

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