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Ubisoft’s Six Invitational is making a name for itself in global esports tournaments. The annual Rainbow Six Siege professional esports online tournaments draws some of the best gaming talent in the world. Based in Montreal, where Ubisoft works on developing the game, the tournament hosts teams which compete in a World Cup-like championship.

In 2021, event organizers postponed the competition because of border closures in France. Scheduled to take place in Paris in 2022 because of the ongoing pandemic, the competition’s gamers will meet at the Palais Brongniart. For safety reasons, the event will not have an audience in attendance. As the first major event since 2020, Rainbow Six organizers anticipate robust online viewership.

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About the Six Invitational

Gathering 19 teams to compete in a double elimination, cross-regional tournament. The event’s organizers increased the number of tournament matches. Teams are divided into two groups according to seeding. Participants will play in a combined 81 matches divided between four regions on the stage. The best 8 teams from each group continues to the Playoffs.

The tournament players receive support from global Rainbow Six Siege fans and communities from across the globe. Communities contribute to a Battle Pass, which helps to reach the maximum prize pool of $3,000,000. Prize money is distributed in percentages. First place teams win $1 million or 33.3 percent of the prize pool. Second place wins $450,000 or 15 percent. Third place wins $240,000 or 8 percent. Nineteenth and Twentieth place teams win $30,000 or 1 percent of the prize pool.

Competing in a LAN-based computer setup, teams are under strict sanitary requirements. The Six Invitational is working with ACEPS, a health and safety agency and ISMA, a medical assistance agency to ensure the players’ safety. The government in France is also working in collaboration with event organizers to implement a safe, controlled environment, which follows the guidelines set forth by local authorities and health agencies.

Rainbow Six Siege

The first-person shooter Rainbow Six Siege game allows different operators per esport league to participate. The gamers control virtual operators with different nationalities, gadgets, and weapons. With the asymmetrical structure, teams may not receive equal abilities. Counter-Terrorism Units are called FBI SWAT in the game and rescue American hostages.

Defenders and attackers also include the German GSG-9, the British SAS, the French GIGN, and the Russian Spetsnaz. Each unit contains for operators. Players may recruit an operator with the ability to choose equipment and abilities. Picking new operators occurs at the beginning of a round. In-game purchases allow operators to buy credits for cosmetic items, obtaining operators faster, or weapons.

After the beginning of a round, the attackers select spawn points to launch an attack and defenders also decide defense strategy. During a short preparation timeframe, attackers control drones for map scouting to search for opposition operators, set-ups, targets, and traps. Maps allow for close combat, only permitting respawning after the round ends.

Players whose characters die during the game may use a support mode to access drone and security cameras and let their team know the enemy’s activities and locations. Casual matches last for four minutes and ranked matches last for three minutes. Teamwork is essential for R6 players to defeat the opposing team. By communicating with each team player, a team member may fully utilize his abilities and finish the objective.

In spectator mode, the player may observe different angles of a match. In fact, the game has a heavy focus on the environment’s destruction. Players destroy structures with explosives or bullets. After destroying an environment, a team may gain an advantage of the enemy. Players who use creativity and strategy in the game are better able to navigate the system. Game features include a penetration system, which damages the enemy less when bullets pass through structures.

Defending teams may fortify walls and use shields for protection. However, the enemy may breach or destroy these protections with explosives and other gadgets. Defenders use traps, including barbed wire throughout the maps. Players may rappel through windows, destroy floors, and ambush the opposing team. Grenades and charges are valuable destruction tools, which are limited in each round.

R6 game modes

At the start, players have 11 maps and 5 modes to choose from before launch. Additional downloadable content includes 20 total maps to play. Gameplay modes include the following features:

  • Hostage: Attackers take the defenders hostages in a multiplayer mode. Defenders aim to successfully thwart the attackers plays by eliminating each operator on the opposing team or defending hostages during the game play time. If a hostage dies, the attacking team wins the round.
  • Bomb: In the Bomb mode, attackers must find and defuse one out of two bombs. For victory, defenders are responsible for killing the attackers or destroying the bomb defuser. Even if the defenders kill all attackers, they must destroy the defuser, if it has already been planted.
  • Area: In secure area mode, defenders protect a biohazard container room, as attackers attempt to fight in and secure the container. At the end of the mode, either the biohazard container is obtained by attackers or all of one team’s players are killed in the game.
  • Tactical: This mode allows players to mark opponents and see teammates through walls. With a heavy emphasis on teamwork and realism, it removes the heads-up display features.
  • Training: In solo gaming or multiplayer, up to five gamers act as defenders or attackers while fighting waves of artificial intelligence-controlled opponents through different modes, including Hostage, Bomb, and Elimination.
  • Outbreak: For a limited time, Operation Chimera showcased 3-player teams against each other. One team is an AI-managed human mutation infected with alien parasite. In this mode, players must overcome difficulties, such as friendly fire on the harder of the two difficulties of the mode.


The game’s popularity is evidenced by the fact that Six Invitational esports championships is one of the most popular search terms on the internet with millions betting on the esport tournaments. In viewers, revenue, and betting popularity, Six Invitational is ranking high. Since the game’s been on the betting scene for years, the tournament’s competitive with some of the major esports tournaments in the market.

Since the beginning, the creative game modes and team collaboration has captured the hearts of gamers across the globe. In just two years, the first Six Invitational event in Montreal, Canada in 2017 helped to increase the game’s popularity. The $100,000 prize pool was enough to fuel the game’s success. The next year, the prized pool was even higher at $500,000, and quadrupled by 2019 to $2 million. With a total pool at $3 million for the 2022 tournament, the event’s lucky winner is going home with a million in prize money.

Six Invitational's winning teams and biggest moments

By far, organizers expect the 2022 tournament is going to be one of the best esports tournaments. Interest is fueled by the game’s growing popularity and the millions in prize money. Some of the most popular teams include SSG, Penta, G2, cTm, and Elevate, who are champions. Elevate and cTm actually won 2017 Invitationals, while G2 and Empire are consistently successful at beating the competition at the best esports tournaments.

Where and how to bet on Six Invitational?

Learning about betting on esport tournaments is tricky. Bettors must locate a reputable online esports betting sites with favorable Six Invitational odds for betting. Searching online and perusing reviews of current bookmakers may help new bettors to make an informed decision on where to bet.

Some of the most popular sportsbook platforms offer the following:

  • Quick bets
  • Various payment options
  • Favorable odds
  • Great customer service
  • Generous bonuses
  • Easy-to-navigate websites
  • Simple interfaces
  • List of esports tournaments

Once a gambler chooses online esports betting sites to wager on major esports tournaments, he may look through the betting options and odds to select the type of bet to make. After selecting a specific match, researching stats will help in choosing the best teams. It’s time to place the bet. After the match or tournament is over, the bookmaker will let a sportsbook account holder know if he has won.

Six Invitational is one of the biggest esports tournaments in the world. With a prize pool of $3 million, the tournament is the best advertisement for Ubisoft’s Six Siege game. The game’s popularity continues to grow, sparked by a global fan base, which logs online to play and view professionals during popular matches. In just a few years, the Invitational has grown into one of the most popular events on the web, drawing viewers from across the world to enjoy teams kill or be killed in a game of wit.

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