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The Rocket League Champions Series, popularly RLCS, is an eSports tournament featuring some of the World's best Rocket League players. Over the years, the RLCS series, which started in 2016, has soared to new heights. This competition has always had the full backing of a community of players and fans, which has been instrumental in growing the championship's prize pools, making the RLCS World Championship one of the largest competitions in the Rocket League eSports scene.

RLCS is the main event in Rocket League eSports ecosystem. The game's developer, Psyonix, hosts this tournament. The RCLS Series takes place twice a year, with each of these competitions lasting about three months. Ideally, each series is usually a mix of online and offline finals.

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An overview Rocket League Champions Series

Since 2016, when the Rocket League Champions Series started, this competition has had an astounding six winners. This is a clear indicator that the RLCS eSport Championships is one of the most competitive events, making it insanely unpredictable. The competition's prize pool has also increased over the years, with season one winner taking home $75,000, while the most recent winners won approximately $1,000,000.

The RLCS Championship Series comprises four regions. Europe and North America are considered the strongest and have featured in every event since RLCS started. On the hand, Oceania and South America were recently added to the series in 2017 and 2019, respectively.

Rocket League World Championships

The Rocket League World Champions is the hallmark of RLCS competitions. This event features 12 teams, with four teams from North America and Europe and two from Oceania and South America.

Over the years, RLCS: Rocket League World Champions sees teams split into four groups of three teams, competing in a round-robin format. The top two teams from each group then proceed to the knockout stages. The quarter-finals are usually a best of five series, while winners in both the semi-finals take part in a best of seven series.

About Rocket League

Rocket League has undoubtedly established its name as an exciting eSports title. It is also considered difficult to master for new players. Rocket League is essentially all about players controlling a car and directing a ball into an opponent's goal. Now that cars are involved in the game, it is easy to classify Rocket League as a classic racing game, but it is largely a sports game with "cars as players."

Each round lasts five minutes, with competing teams striving to outscore each other. The Rocket League can be played in solo mode for players who are new to the game, competing against the computer. Although the game appears to be somewhat straightforward, it requires significant practice.

Rocket can be depicted as a fun twist on soccer. The game sees players use rocket-powered cars to score. As such, each player has to customize their vehicle to compete. The game is usually played in teams of eight players. Players can choose to participate in either single or multiplayer modes. While there is a single-player mode, the game allows a maximum of four players on the same platform. The game also allows for cross-platform play on PlayStation 4. Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Why Play Rocket League

In essence, there are many reasons why players love Rocket League. A standout attribute of the game is that it encourages teamwork. Also, skill mastery is vital when taking on other teams. Thanks to its competition and many professional players, Rocket League has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Rocket League World Championships' winning teams and Biggest moments

Winning teams

  • Season One: The first of many Rocket Leagues global competitions saw teams from Europe and North America battle it out for the top prize. In a grueling contest, iBS emerged victorious in season one.
  • Season Two: The Europe -American contest continued. Flipside Gaming beat Mock-It in the finals, taking home Season 2's title.
  • Season Three: the RLCS World Championship saw the inclusion of Oceania. Amid a couple of historical moments, Northern Gaming (NG) won the championship.
  • Season Four: RLCS World Championships to the United States. After a monumental three games of breathtaking eSports action, Gale Force Esports won the fourth season.
  • Season Five: the first season without a direct qualification to the RLCS. The Finals saw fans treated with rare moments of brilliant rocket league play. Ultimately, Team Dignitas won season 5 of the RLCS World Championships.
  • Season Six: Season Six Championship battle saw Cloud 9 battle against Team Dignitas. Eventually, Cloud9 was the force to reckon with, dominating and eventually winning the finals.

Renault Vitality an NRG Esports won season seven and eight, respectively. Season 9, initially scheduled for February to April 2020, was postponed amid the COVID 19 Pandemic. Hopefully, 2022 will bring forth a new World Champion, as it has been a tradition in this competition.

Biggest moments

EnVy’s Epic Comback 2018

EnVy's much-anticipated game against Tainted Minds was undoubtedly one that EnVy's considered a 'walkover.' However, Tainted Minds almost shuttered their expectations and quickly went up 2-1 in the next series, leading 3-0 in game four. In a somewhat surprising fashion, with two minutes on the clock, EnVy's dropped in a quick succession of scores to take a win and force a game five – which they won.

G2’s Loss to Evil Geniuses

G2 Esports is one of the most decorated Rocket League teams. Things took a rather unexpected twist in 2018 G2's match with the Evil Genius at the RLCS World Championships. With G2 considered a safe bet, Evil Geniuses pulled a series of performances, ultimately knocking out G2 in a thrilling contest. Being their first contest, Evil Geniuses underscored what Rocket League World Championships are all about – Surprises!

Gale Force Overtime Win

2017's grand finals somewhat felt anticlimactic for most Rocket League eSports fans. The finals welcomed two teams, Gale Force and Method. While Gale Force had already scrapped it out against Method in a seven-game series, the Finals undoubtedly lived to the hype. The game went down to the line, with six minutes of added time only for Gale Force's Alexandre "Kaydop" Courant's goal to hand them the victory.

Where and how to bet on RLCS?

Betting on eSport tournaments should be easy, but first-time eSports punters might have a not-so-easy time finding their way when sifting through a list of eSports tournaments.

Where to bet on RLCS

Where to bet should always be a top concern for any RCLS Rocket League fan. With plenty of eSports betting platforms covering the Rocket League, it is always safe to examine all available options. For starters, the best platforms to bet on eSports are those with a history of covering eSports. Moreover, excellent customer support, competitive odds, customer reviews, and payment methods should be key concerns when examining potential online eSports betting sites.

How to bet on RCLS

There are always several simple betting markets, such as the 'outright winner' bet. While it takes little effort to understand them, it takes a lot more to succeed in eSport betting.

As RCLS Rocket League betting goes mainstream, placing wagers can be complex, especially for beginners. Here are some handy Rocket League betting tips that should come in handy for any eSports punter.

  • Do your homework – follow team stats and research teams
  • Have a strategy, and keep refining it to match your gaming preferences
  • Manage your bankroll
  • Embrace responsible gambling
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