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January 26, 2023

FIFAe Betting Guide To Prepare You For the 2023 FIFAe Finals Return

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The question "Can I bet on FIFA eSports?" is asked by football lovers worldwide. As one of the most popular eSports in the world, FIFA naturally raises this sort of inquiry. Every day, millions of fans play FIFA online against one another. Many people have become top-tier FIFA eSports pros and compete at the game's highest levels in major championships and tournaments.

FIFAe Betting Guide To Prepare You For the 2023 FIFAe Finals Return

Learn the ins and outs of FIFA betting and where to make your wagers with the help of our comprehensive guide. Read our advice and feel much more prepared to place wagers in the top sportsbooks.

How To Start FIFA eSports Betting

FIFA eSports betting is a phenomenon that has been around for a while. For a long time, gamers and their followers have wagered on the outcomes of their leagues and tournaments. However, in recent years, gamers have taken the leisure activity of betting on video games to the professional level. Betting on professional FIFA eSports players has been significantly simpler in recent years due to the proliferation of international events featuring teams from all over the world.

Furthermore, betting on FIFA is identical to betting on sports like football, tennis, and the NFL. The basic idea is the same: gamble on a result you think will occur. You'll get your money back if that happens.

FIFA and other eSports may be gambled on in a variety of settings. FIFA betting sites will include a schedule of forthcoming matches and tournaments that may be wagered upon if you click on the "FIFA" tab. You may also look at the available games and pick one to follow.

Check out the odds that are currently being offered once you've decided on a game. There will be a wide variety of wagers available, from the obvious (match outcome and exact score) to the novel (first goal scorer and both teams to score).

After making your wager selection, you may input your stake by clicking on the odds and adding it to the betting slip. Before you click the "Place Bet" button, be sure you're OK with the risk and the potential payoff.

To illustrate, say you wish to wager £5 at odds of 2.10 on Dragonn to defeat Gorilla in the FIFA eWorld Cup. To place a wager, select the winning team's match odds and click "Bet Now." This means that a dividend of £10.50 is possible. After you have made your wager, you may relax and enjoy the game. 

Top FIFA eSports Betting Markets

Several FIFA betting sites provide a plethora of outstanding eSports betting odds. Some of the most common odds for FIFA eSports betting and how they are calculated are as follows:

Match Bet 

This is a simple bet in which you support a team to win, lose, or draw. The most fundamental kind of wagering in sports in any part of the world is frequently denoted as "1/2." Bettors just getting started in eSports can look at the match bet market.

Total Score

A total score bet is a more complicated wager than a match bet since it involves predicting the number of goals that will be scored during the game. They are going to say something along these lines: +5.5. If you place a wager on over 5.5 goals and there is a sixth goal scored, you will win your wager.

Halftime score

This wager is ideal for spectators who want it to be completed quickly. Halftime bets require the bettor to simply predict what they anticipate the score will be until the break in play.

Tournament Bets

Bets on tournaments like the FIFA eWorld Cup are hosted by various FIFA betting sites. You may wager on the eventual winners of events and even choose the top three finishers. For enthusiasts who can wait, they are excellent investments.


The optimal strategy for betting on favorites while improving your odds. As a means of leveling the betting field, handicaps include the application of a fictitious added weight to the final score. For example, if you bet on a team with a -1.5 goal handicap, you will only collect if that side wins by three goals or more.

How FIFA eSports Betting Odds Work

You may not know how odds are calculated if you are new to sports betting. Don't worry; they're simple to learn and won't take long to grasp. Fractional, decimal, and American odds are the three main varieties. How do they function?

Fractional Odds

The probabilities of each scenario are displayed as a fraction. Example: 4/1. Here, a bet of only €1 will get you €4. You'll walk away with €5 (your initial wager plus any further payouts). With odds of 10/1, a single euro of capital is required to win €10. Try out your investment and possible reward on a bet slip if you're having trouble calculating the odds.

American Odds

These odds act like an index. You may expect to receive €150 if you risk €100 at odds of 1.5. Assuming a €1 gamble at +4000 odds yields a €40 payout. If you win at odds below zero, you'll lose more than your initial wager. At odds of +400, a pound bet would bring back 1.25 pounds.

Decimal Odds

The decimal price shows how much you will earn if you bet €1 on the outcome. For example, 5.00 will earn you €5, which is your stake and your winnings. When the odds drop below 2.00, you earn less than your stake for a winning bet. For example, €1 on a winning bet of 1.86 will earn you €1.86.

Best FIFA Betting Strategy

The best strategy for FIFA eSports betting is to go over the entire sportsbook and take your time to choose which match to follow. Many people just getting started with sports or eSports betting need to avoid placing large wagers immediately. However, using rationality in your betting can increase your chances of making successful wagers.

Do your homework.

Several eSports statistics resources, including online manuals and websites, provide thorough FIFA statistics that you may study in advance of and during competitions. Look at their numbers and the tournament's statistics to determine which individuals can win.

Start small.

This advice applies to all forms of gambling, including eSports, casinos, sports, and poker. Starting with small bets allows you to gain experience without jeopardizing your financial stability.

Put your money on the game, not the players.

Why not wager on the match if you cannot choose a side to back? Bet categories such as total goals and corners are an excellent way to wager without supporting a certain team.

Don't rush.

Remember that you are betting on eSports athletes, not their favorite football clubs. It is not a given that the Liverpool pro will beat the Wigan pro just because they are playing Liverpool and the Wigan professional is playing for Wigan.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have the basics in your arsenal, it's time to go forth and make your first FIFA eSports bet. Remember to place bets on legitimate and secure FIFA betting sites to have a fun and safe betting experience. We've curated trustworthy eSports betting sites to help you make an informed choice. Good luck, and have fun!

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