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Apex Legends is a top-tier eSports game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. This free-to-play game is currently available for PlayStation, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is also available for Android and iOS. However, the mobile version does not support cross-platform play.

Electronic Arts describes Apex Legends Global Series as a competitive ecosystem that supports all the game’s top teams and aspiring challengers globally, which cumulates into the ALGS Championship.

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Everything about Apex Legends Global Series

The players’ competitive journey starts at the Challenger Circuit, which involves competitions for qualifying for the Pro Leagues. The ALGS Pro League features 40 top teams competing in a regular season, from which top-performing teams will take part in the Apex Legends Global Series Championship.

About Apex Legends

Work on the Apex Legends game began back in 2016. However, it was kept a secret until only a few weeks before its launch in 2019. The game received numerous positive reviews, which helped it gain prominence rapidly.

By the end of the first week after its release, more than 25 million players had already played the game. It is currently ranked as one of the most played video games of all time regarding player count.


Players start by forming themselves into squads, each having two or three players. Each player then has to choose a character to use. The characters in the game, known as legends, have varying abilities. The next step is choosing a game mode from the two available options.

The first game mode is called Battle Royale. It supports up to 20 three-player squads or 30 two-player squads. The game’s setting is on an island where the players must search for supplies and weapons and attempt to defeat the other squads.

The play area, the island, keeps shrinking as the game continues, forcing all players to keep moving to avoid finding themselves outside the play area. Moving out of the play area is fatal to a character. The last team remaining alive wins the round.

The other mode is called Arenas. Players must form squads of three players to play the mode, meaning a maximum of six players can play in a round. A team has to fight another team in a series of rounds to determine the winner. A team wins by getting at least three points and leading by two.

Apex Legends Global Series Championship Betting Odds

Any punter, irrespective of their egaming betting experience, can bet on Apex Legends Global Series online tournaments. However, knowledge of the game and team performances can be an added advantage as it helps punters make more informed betting decisions.

All matches have different odds, which are informed by numerous factors, including the eSports betting site used. Some of the most popular bet types that offer the best odds are highlighted below.

Outright Bets

Outright bets are the simplest, suitable even for new punters. They involve betting on which team will win the Championship or which players will get specified awards. The odds for outright bets are usually desirable, especially for underdog teams. However, punters must wait until the end of the event to know the fate of their bets.

Match-Winner Bets

The match-winner bets are also straightforward. Punters bet on a team that will win a particular match. The odds for such bets usually vary depending on the likelihood of the team winning, with the odds being more even for matches where both teams are favorites to win.

First Blood Bets

First blood bets for punters betting on Apex Legends Global Series tournaments, also known as first kill bets, involve placing wagers on which player will get the first kill in a match. The bet type is more suitable for experienced Apex Legends punters who know the playstyles of all the players in a given match.

Apex Legends Global Series Winning Teams and Biggest Moments

The first Apex Legends Global Series took place in 2021, featuring 60 of the top teams in the world competing for the largest Apex Legends Global Series pool prize of $2.58 million. All the teams and players displayed amazing performances, but there were a few that stood out among the rest.

Winning Teams

The winning team for the 2021 Apex Legends Global Series was SCARZ. It is a Japanese pro eSports organization that was founded in 2012 and had been competing in a list of eSports tournaments and events.

The active players who won the series were a defensive player called Mande, a Recon player called Taisheen, and an offensive player called RPR. Taisheen amazingly went on to win the Apex Predator Award, sharing it with Danilla, a player from the Fire Beaver team.

The North American version of the Championship ended with team Kungarna NA winning, securing a cash prize of $265,591. The North American team consisted of players Vein, Onmuu, and Scuwry. Cloud 9 finished at an impressive second position and was awarded prize cash of $132,875. The active players at the time were Zach Mazer, Paris Gouzoulis, and McKenzie Beckwith.

The winning team in the 2021 APAC South ALGS Championship was Wolfpack Arctic. The tournament was less competitive and had a relatively lower prize pool, with the winning team taking home $68,100. Nevertheless, the Indonesian-based franchise surprised everyone by winning the tournament, as it was a relatively new team formed in March 2020.

South America ALGS Championship winner was the Paradox Esports team, which was awarded $42,000. Other top-performing teams in that Championship were Fenix I, which received $21,000, and Dynamics, which was awarded $12,000.

2022 Apex Legends Global Series Championship

The 2022 Apex Legends Global Series Championship was scheduled from the 7th of July to the 10th of July. The Championship was split into three stages, with winning teams advancing from the group stage to the bracket stage and then to the Finals.

The group stage involved 40 teams divided into ten groups. All the teams advanced to the bracket group, with the top ten teams starting in the winner’s bracket and the bottom ten in the loser’s bracket.

The prize pool for the 2022 Apex Legends Global Series Championship is $2 million, with the winners set to receive $500,000. The 2nd place team will receive $300,000, and the 3rd team $200,000. In addition, the player with the most eliminations, the Apex Predator, will be awarded $3,000.

Where to Bet on Apex Legends Global Series?

Punters can place bets on Apex Legends Global Series on most eSports betting sites. However, hundreds of eSports betting sites offer Apex of Legends betting markets, making it challenging for most players to pick the best eSports betting site.

Some top options are found on reputable ranking sites for eSports betting. The essential thing is to ensure the selected eSports betting site offer Apex Legends Global Series betting markets.

The next step after choosing a suitable betting site is to deposit funds into the betting account. The deposit amount depends on what the punter intends to stake but should not be lower than the minimum deposit limit set by the betting provider. Most betting providers offer numerous payment methods, which help make the deposit process easy and convenient.

Apex Legends Global Series Betting Process

Betting starts with the punters selecting suitable betting markets from the available options. Preferences, odds, and betting strategies will primarily affect the choices. Typically, most betting sites allow punters to make accumulated bets, improving the odds and increasing the potential win amount.

Punters can then decide on the amount of money to stake for each bet and follow the relevant procedure provided by the betting provider to place the bet.

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