Ranking of the Best eSports Bookmakers with Entropay

Gamblers appreciate bookmakers with seamless payments. Unfortunately, some betting sites take too long to process transactions and end up losing customers. Most bettors wish to gamble anonymously so that no one can trace their gambling activities through their bank statements. Yet, numerous betting platforms that accept credit cards lack smarter alternatives like PayPal.

In such instances, punters could use virtual cards instead of exposing their personal data via credit card payments. Virtual visa cards such as Entropay enhance privacy and minimize fraud risk because they are topped up with prepaid credit.

Ranking of the Best eSports Bookmakers with Entropay
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Entropay allows greater control of credit, making it easier to practice responsible gambling. For this matter, there’s been a higher adoption of online bookmakers with Entropay as displayed on this page.

About EntroPay

EntroPay is a subsidiary company, wholly owned by Ixaris Systems Limited, a London-based financial service. In 2000, the company saw the need to facilitate an online payment method that would work no matter the credit history or the location of the user. They introduced the first EntroPay card in 2003 as the first prepaid card in Europe.

When the card gained traction, Ixaris Systems made it the main focus. In 2010, the company added extra payment options to the virtual card. These services include local bank transfers in over 40 countries and plastic cards for ATMs and in person transactions.

A unique feature of EntroPay is that it allows users to have different virtual cards for different purposes. These cards can be added or deleted online at the touch of a button. What’s more, they support multiple currencies.

Is EntroPay popular?

EntroPay card, which works similarly to a debit card, is accepted anywhere Visa is used. It enables fast and easy payments to millions of merchants across the board. New users do not need credit checks to acquire it. Similarly, hundreds of betting sites accept EntroPay for deposits.

The use of credit cards on gambling sites is not allowed in most Asian countries like Indonesia, Japan, Korea, and China. Nevertheless, these countries do not block EntroPay payments. The payment method is a favorite among Indians who love betting on sports.

How to make a deposit with EntroPay

Before using EntroPay at an online bookmaker, players must have sufficient funds. Loading an EntroPay card with a credit or debit card balance incurs a fee of 4.95% of the transaction amount.

A flat fee of $6/€3 is charged for requesting a refund from EntroPay to the original credit or debit card also. Those who want to transact in different currencies pay a flat forex charge of $2. Customers can load their eSports account using EntroPay in these steps:

  • Create an EntroPay account
  • Sign up at an EntroPay bookmaker
  • At the eSports betting account navigate to the deposit page
  • Choose EntroPay to fund the account
  • Enter the EntroPay card details (name, card number, 3-digit CSC code, and expiry date)
  • Enter the deposit amount and confirm the transaction
  • Deposits are processed instantaneously

Using EntroPay in online bookmakers

Customers don’t need to enter their card details in the subsequent transactions because the bookie will save the information after the first transaction. This helps to reduce the potential of compromising financial data.

Additionally, EntroPay ensures fraud protection with 128-bit encryption. The prepaid Visa cards are designed with cryptographic devices featuring military-level security protocols. Again, Ixaris Systems complies with UK’s Financial Services Authority (FSA) standards.

How to make a withdrawal with EntroPay

EntroPay withdrawals are not as simple as deposits. But the process gets easier with time as the player makes multiple withdrawals. Once the bookmaker verifies the transaction, the money is delivered immediately to the virtual Visa card.

Just like receiving money from a merchant to EntroPay, sports betting withdrawals incur a 1.95% charge. For example, cashing out $500 from a bookie will cost $9.75. The player will get $490.25 when the fee is subtracted from the winnings. Here’s a summary of the withdrawal process.

  1. Register an account with an EntroPay eSports platform
  2. Visit the ‘Withdrawals’ or ‘Payouts’ page
  3. Click ‘Cash Out’ or ‘Get Paid’
  4. Enter the amount to withdraw
  5. Choose EntroPay as the withdrawal method (the details will be saved already if it was used as the deposit method)
  6. Verify and click the Proceed button
  7. Wait for the bookie to approve the request
  8. Once the money arrives, initiate a transfer to your bank account

If the card owner wished to transfer the cash to their bank account, it will take up to 7 working days. The transaction is easy to initiate as long as the EntroPay card is linked to a bank account or credit card. The user simply logs in to EntroPay and heads to the Transfer Funds section to send the money. The fee for withdrawing to a personal credit or debit card is $6 or €3.

Pros and Cons with EntroPay

Like with any form of payment, EntroPay has a fair share of merits and demerits.


  • No credit checks for new customers: It makes it an ideal payment method for those with poor credit ratings
  • EntroPay cards are prepaid: They help to curb the risk of going into debt while gambling
  • Broad coverage: EntroPay is accepted almost everywhere and covers multiple currencies
  • Safety: Personal information and login data are secured with state-of-the-art encryption
  • Opening a virtual visa card with EntroPay is free of charge


  • The fees could be reduced to make it more attractive: EntroPay charges the user for withdrawing to their personal bank accounts

EntroPay account opening process

The registration for EntroPay can be done at the company’s website and takes only a few minutes. No verification documents are needed to register. The user gets a virtual visa card they can link to their bank or credit card account. A virtual EntroPay card is not physical. and so the 16-digit number only exists electronically.

How to set up an account

Here is what is needed to set up an account with EntroPay:

  1. Visit the EntroPay website and hit the ‘Create Account’ button located at the top right side
  2. Provide personal information (name, date of birth, country, and email address)
  3. Choose a currency
  4. Create login details: username and password
  5. Accept terms and conditions of creating the account
  6. The profile should be ready within seconds
  7. Head to the ‘View Cards’ page and click ‘Create Card’
  8. Enter a credit/debit card to link to EntroPay
  9. Add funds to the virtual account and start using it

Players can make a local bank transfer or use a debit or credit card to top up an EntroPay virtual card. The user receives a unique card number, security code, and expiry date. These are the details they need to supply when betting on eSports.

EntroPay customer support options

Quality customer care service keeps clients happy. Satisfied gamblers are always willing to recommend a good payment method to their friends. EntroPay has two modes of direct communication to clients. In addition, they have a help center where users can post their queries and find useful guides.

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