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If you have been playing video games for a while now or if you are familiar with sports simulation video games, then you probably know what FIFA is. FIFA is arguably the most popular sports simulation game out there, with hundreds of thousands of players regularly playing the game.

Because of the massive popularity of the FIFA video game, a lot of online bookmakers have now started to offer betting markets for FIFA esports events. If you want to get into FIFA betting, then you are in luck. Here is our complete guide on one of the most important betting terms for FIFA betting, FIFA betting odds.

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Everything You Need to Know About FIFA Betting Odds

When you start getting into FIFA betting, one of the first things that you should learn is how to read FIFA betting odds. While there are a ton of other betting terms that you should also know, beginner bettors must learn more about FIFA betting odds before anything else.

If you are a beginner bettor with good knowledge about FIFA betting odds, your chances of becoming successful will be much higher. However, even if you know all about other betting terms but know nothing about FIFA betting odds, you won't do that well in betting.

The thing is, betting is a bit more complicated than you might think. When you make your first few bets on a FIFA esport betting website, you will notice that you aren't getting the same percentage of your betting amount in return. You might get $20 for betting $100 on one bet, and you might get $35 on some other bet.

Getting different amounts of returns on different bets is one of the most confusing aspects of betting for beginners. However, this is precisely what FIFA betting odds explain. FIFA odds also tell you another important piece of information, which is explained in the next section.

FIFA Esports Betting Odds Explained

When you learn how to read FIFA esports odds, you can extract two of the most important pieces of information about a bet. These two pieces of information include the exact amount of return you will get for betting a certain amount and the chances of the outcome you are betting on actually happening.

Why are they important? They are the two elements that will help you decide whether or not betting on a particular outcome is worth the risk for you. Let's say that a match for a FIFA tournament is going on right now, and you are deciding whether or not it is worth it to bet on Player A winning the match.

You are planning on betting $100, and as you look at the odds, you realize that you will get around $80 for winning the bet, which brings the total return to $180.

As you compare the odds of Player A winning the match with Player B winning, you also realize that the chances of Player A winning are quite high compared to Player B. With all this information, you decide that betting on Player A winning the match is worth the risk for you.

Types of FIFA Betting Odds

Now you know that FIFA odds will tell you the amount of return you will get and the chances of the outcome you are betting on actually happening. However, you can't extract this information from betting odds without learning how to read betting odds.

The method for reading betting is a bit different depending on the odd format used to represent the odds. There are three main types of formats used for FIFA betting odds.

Decimal Odds

The first and probably the most common type of betting odds used for FIFA betting are Decimal odds. The decimal format uses a number with a decimal, which represents the exact multiple of the betting amount you will get in return.

If you are betting $200 with odds of 3.3, multiply 200 by 3.3, and you will get the return, which in this case is $660. Since you are getting more than twice the betting amount in return, odds of 3.3 also tell you that the outcome is not that likely to occur.

Fractional Odds

The next most common type of FIFA betting odds is Fractional odds. In fractional odds, all odds are expressed in a fraction like 5/2 or 3/2, where the second number represents the amount you are betting, and the first number represents the amount you get in return.

With odds of 3/2, you get a return of $3 for betting $2, or if you bet $100, you will get $150 in return. Since this return is not over two times the betting amount, the chances of this outcome occurring are very high.

American Odds

There is a slight possibility of you coming across platforms that express betting odds in the American format. In this type of format, odds are expressed using a number either with a positive or a negative sign.

If you bet on an outcome with odds of -180, you will need to bet $180 to win $100 or $90 to win $50. On the other hand, if you bet on an outcome with odds of +180, you will get $180 for betting $100 or $90 for betting $50.

Where to Find The Best FIFA Esports Odds

The thing about FIFA betting odds is that every site has different odds for the same outcome. While they agree on some level, there are slight differences. For example, if you are thinking of betting $200, you might get a return of $300 at one site, and you might get $330 at some other platform on the same outcome.

While the difference is not that much, there is no need to go for the lower return. Some platforms have bad odds, which may give you returns of as low as $250 on the same outcome.

For this reason, you should always pick platforms with the best FIFA odds. To find the best FIFA odds, you can check out several sites and compare the odds that they offer, and then choose the one with the best odds. However, an easier method is to check out, a platform that reviews betting sites according to several metrics, including betting odds.

The Best Live FIFA Betting Odds

Imagine watching an esports match for FIFA live and placing bets on that match as you watch the match take place. Well, you can actually do that using a type of betting called live betting.

As a match progresses, the probability of particular outcomes taking place changes every minute or so. For this reason, betting odds for live betting keep updating, which are called live betting odds. In this case, they are called live FIFA betting odds.

The advantage of closely monitoring live FIFA betting odds is that there is a possibility that you come across odds that offer a decent return with very low risks.

To identify these opportunities, you need to have a considerable amount of experience in the FIFA esports scene, so you know how FIFA matches play out. However, even if you are not that experienced, you should check out live betting odds because you might find low-risk opportunities.

Bet on FIFA With Real Money

Nothing feels more exciting than betting with real money. When your money is on the line, the excitement is on another level, with every second feeling exhilarating. Fortunately, you can actually bet on FIFA esports matches using real money.

To bet on FIFA with real money, you will have to find a platform that offers betting markets for FIFA esports. Fortunately, there are plenty of them on the internet. Once you have picked a platform and signed up, simply make deposits and then use those deposits to bet on FIFA esports. Remember to look at the betting odds before placing the bet.

Betting with real money on FIFA is not for everyone. If you are not an experienced FIFA player yourself or if you aren't good at predicting outcomes for FIFA esports events, betting on FIFA with real money might not be for you. However, there is no harm in trying with small amounts.


What are FIFA betting odds?

FIFA betting odds is a term in betting that is used to express the probability of an outcome occurring and the amount of return that bettors get for betting a certain amount.

Is it legal to bet on FIFA with real money?

For the most part, it is completely legal to bet on FIFA with real money. However, you have to be over the legal age of betting and use licensed and regulated platforms. It is also best to check the laws of your country before betting on FIFA with real money.

Where can I bet on FIFA with real money?

There are plenty of platforms on the internet that offer betting markets for FIFA esports. You can use these platforms to bet on FIFA with real money.

Are live FIFA betting odds better?

If you know how matches for FIFA play out and have been following FIFA esports for over a year, you can find some incredible opportunities with live FIFA betting odds. So, yes, live FIFA betting odds are better in some cases.

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