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Uncover Bloody Bones' Legacy: A Step-by-Step Guide

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If you're looking to uncover the legendary stash of sapphires left behind by the feared pirate Bloody Bones, here's a step-by-step guide on how to complete the Bloody Bones investigation in Skull and Bones.

Uncover Bloody Bones' Legacy: A Step-by-Step Guide

Unlocking the Investigation

To begin the Bloody Bones investigation, you must first reach the Infamy rank of Buccaneer in the Skull and Bones Premium edition. This rank will also grant you access to other investigations, such as The Ashen Corsair and the Freeman's Lost Treasure. Once you have achieved the required rank, head to the Mailbox at Saint-Anne and collect the letter with the red stamp to initiate the Bloody Bones Legacy investigation.

Advancing the Investigation

Unlike regular contracts in the game, the Bloody Bones investigation does not provide direct instructions on where to go. Instead, navigate to the Investigations tab in the Knowledge menu and review the various clues provided. After reading the clues, a note will appear, guiding you on how to progress further in the investigation.

Step 1: Investigate the Shipwreck

The first step in the investigation is to locate a shipwreck near the Hovohovo settlement. Fast travel to Fort Louis or the Royal Burial Ground and sail towards the settlement. On a small island west of the settlement, you will find a shipwreck with white and blue sails. Interact with the shipwreck to collect the next clue. It is not necessary to force open the shipwreck or use a Crowbar for this step, although doing so may yield additional loot.

Step 2: Board the Compagnie Warship

To uncover the truth about Bloody Bones, you must board a Compagnie warship patrolling near the Fort Louis outpost. The specific ship you are looking for is called Le Paradis and is a Rank 4 Compagnie Broadsider. Le Paradis can be found sailing between Fort Louis and the southern edge of the map. Engage in combat with the ship and, most importantly, board it to discover the next clue in the investigation. Be cautious, as this area is also frequented by Rank 9 warships along the Compagnie trade route. Scout the area beforehand to avoid alerting high-level ships.

Step 3: Find Bloody Bones' Grave

After boarding Le Paradis, you won't have to venture far to progress to the next step. Your objective is to locate Bloody Bones' grave at the Fort Louis outpost. The investigation page provides a sketch of the grave, but if you want to save time, follow these directions: Follow the main road uphill and look for a small road to the right where the main road turns left inside the fort. Follow this path, and you will come across the Bloody Bones grave. An orange beam will indicate the exact location of the grave. Dig up the treasure at the site and examine the final clue to successfully complete the Bloody Bones Legacy investigation.

By following these steps, you will have successfully completed the Bloody Bones investigation and uncovered the secrets of this notorious pirate's legacy. Good luck, and may the sapphires be yours!

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