September 8, 2022

PUBG's Latest Community Care Package

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PUBG is one of the most famous esport betting games right now, and there are loads of esport betting sites where players can bet on the game. The fact that the team behind PUBG is continuously introducing changes to improve the game is one reason why it's gained such a huge following.

PUBG's Latest Community Care Package

Speaking of which, PUBG has some exciting news for players! There's a new Community Care Package on its way, and it's all about the game's anti-cheat system. The game's recent transition to free-to-play has caused pandemonium in the PUBG community. Many are worried that free entry to the game would lead to an increase in the number of cheaters. In the latest blog on the Battlegrounds site, the team has acknowledged that players have been experiencing “unfair and illegal methods in-game.”

PUBG Anti-Cheat Team's Efforts

PUBG's Anti-Cheat team has been working day and night to ensure that the game doesn't fall prey to cheaters. After the introduction of PUBG's anti-cheat solution "Zakynthos," the team saw significant improvement in Normal and Ranked match metrics, with the Anti-Cheat team banning over 200,000 accounts flagged as cheaters.

Zakynthos has several machine learning techniques in place that are helping it improve and get better at detecting cheaters.

Despite PUBG's relentless efforts to put an end to cheating, the team, after noticing that a considerable portion of cheaters in Ranked matches were using hacked accounts, felt it had to do more.

The team is currently implementing solutions to block hacked accounts. They haven't shared any progress on it yet, though. But considering how rapidly the team is introducing changes to get rid of cheaters and hacked accounts, players can rest assured that something will be announced soon.

PUBG also announced that it's considering permanent account bans and hardware bans to prevent one person from creating multiple accounts on the same device.

In the latest blog, PUBG has mentioned that it can't expand on the details of its "tactics" to reduce cheating, as cheaters can take advantage of it, but they plan to drop more of these Community Care Packages.

PUBG and Esports Betting

PUBG is currently the second best-selling game, having sold over 24 million copies. On Twitch, it's the second most viewed game, following League of Legends. There's no doubt the game's popularity will continue to grow in the online esports betting landscape. The game had its first online betting event in May 2017, where the company that hosted it raised over $100,000 in donations.

The game has had a prize pool ranging from $30,000 to $200,000, and seeing how fast the number of new players is rising, there will be even higher prize pools in the future. Despite being relatively new in the online betting world, PUBG has managed to build a big betting community.

Betting on PUBG seems difficult in the beginning, but following esport betting tips and listening to experienced betters can help.

One of the most important esport betting tips to keep in mind is to always know what's happening in the game. Stay updated with the latest news and look for bookmakers that offer promotions and bonuses, and you'll always be ahead of the game.

When you know all the ins and outs of the game, betting becomes much easier. Betting on PUBG gives you the chance to win rare skins and mods. The game has four types of betting methods:

  • Jackpot - In this type of betting, players wager their skins in a jackpot, and a winner is decided through a random spin. The winner gets to take all the loot.
  • Coin Flips - Coin flip is a one-on-one bet where both players have a 50% chance of winning.
  • PUBG Roulette - PUBG roulette is the same as its traditional counterpart, where players win depending on what colored or numbered compartments the ball lands.
  • Crash - As the name suggests, this type of betting ends by "crashing" and players have to withdraw their loot before that happens.


PUBG is now a global phenomenon that has millions of players. Over the last five years, it's soared in popularity in the esports betting scene, and given how large the fanbase is, the numbers aren't going to stop rising.

The PUBG team recently shared a blog post where they announced a Community Care Package, highlighting some of the things they're doing to deal with the rising number of cheaters after the game transitioned to free-to-play. Their Anti-Cheat team has done a lot for the community to reduce the number of cheaters and make the game fair and fun for everyone.

How will their strategies and tactics affect their ranking in the online gaming world? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, though. PUBG seems determined not to let the community down and allow the game to become infested with hacked accounts and cheaters, as it'll affect the PUBG esports betting experience.

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