November 14, 2023

Optimizing Comfort and Performance: Secretlab's Impact on Worlds 2023 Esports

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Worlds 2023 x Secretlab – Ergonomics for pro esports athletes

Optimizing Comfort and Performance: Secretlab's Impact on Worlds 2023 Esports

Worlds 2023 is reaching its final stages, with the highly anticipated match between WBG and T1 scheduled for November 19. As these two teams compete for the championship title, it is crucial to recognize the significance of ergonomics in the modern era of esports. We spoke with Secretlab, the global sponsor and official Chair Partner of LoL Esports, about their relentless effort to provide the best comfort for players at Worlds 2023.

The Role of Secretlab in LoL Esports

Secretlab has been a key player in the world of LoL Esports for several years, establishing a long-standing partnership with Riot Games. As the official Chair Partner for five consecutive years, Secretlab has proven to provide the ultimate seating experience for gamers. This partnership is a testament to the company's commitment to delivering exceptional comfort, allowing players to perform at their best in high-stakes matches like those at Worlds. While mechanics and strategy are crucial in esports, seating comfort also plays a major role, as it can significantly impact players' performance and health, especially in the stressful gaming environment.

The Impact of Gaming on Players' Health

Dr. Lindsey Migliore, an Esports Medicine & PMR Physician and founder of GamerDoc, emphasizes the toll that professional esports takes on the body and mind. Due to the relentless schedule, repetitive motions required to play, and limited time off, players are susceptible to musculoskeletal and nerve injuries. In most cases, players delay treatment and wait until the offseason to rehabilitate. However, for teams that qualify for international tournaments like Worlds, their schedule is extended, resulting in even shorter recovery times. The combination of intense scrimmages, late-night solo queue sessions, sleep deprivation from jet lag, and increased training load before competitions further exacerbates the physical and mental strain on players.

The Importance of Design in Comfort

Overlooking the importance of ergonomics can lead to burnout, wrist injuries, and other serious issues that can significantly impact players' and teams' performances. Secretlab collaborates with professionals like Dr. Migliore to design the best gaming chair possible for long gaming sessions. The company believes that movement is key to relieving stress on the body. Their chairs are designed to encourage natural movement while providing the right amount of comfort and support. Features like the proprietary pebble seat base in the TITAN Evo guide bodies to the middle for more even pressure distribution, while the flared edges create ample room for movements. Additionally, players who struggle with maintaining correct posture due to the close proximity of the screen are advised to stretch or take breaks during rounds or timeouts.

Transitioning from Professionals to Everyday Users

Gaming chairs are not only beneficial for esports athletes but also for individuals who spend extended periods of time at their workstations. Secretlab recognizes the diverse activities people engage in, such as typing reports, attending virtual meetings, gaming, and even taking naps. The company's chairs are designed to accommodate natural shifts and adjustments in posture during these activities. The 4-way L-ADAPT Lumbar System allows users to flex the curvature of the spine as they transition between postures. In addition to lumbar support, proper arm and foot positions are essential in reducing stress and improving the sitting experience. Armrests should allow the forearms to lay horizontally, avoiding excessive pressure on the inside of the elbow. Feet should be planted firmly on the floor, and Secretlab offers a Professional Footrest for individuals who cannot reach the ground. Maintaining a firm lower back against the back of the seat and keeping joints fluid during breaks are also recommended for optimal comfort.

Meticulous Design Process

Secretlab's leadership in the gaming chair industry stems from their focus on ergonomics and a multidisciplinary approach to design and development. Their flagship product, the TITAN Evo, is engineered to ensure even weight distribution and offers full customization for individual support and position preferences. Each design undergoes rigorous user testing, including pressure mapping, to ensure real-life usage upholds the concept of ultimate comfort. While other brands may attempt to imitate Secretlab's chairs, their lack of understanding behind the design often results in failure to deliver a cohesive product that advances long-term ergonomic comfort.


As the Worlds 2023 Finals approach, Secretlab will be supporting both WBG and T1 with their gaming chairs, enabling players to deliver their best performance in the most comfortable way possible. The importance of ergonomics in esports cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts players' health, well-being, and overall performance. Secretlab's dedication to providing exceptional comfort and design serves as a testament to their commitment to the esports community. Whether it's professional esports athletes or everyday users, Secretlab's gaming chairs offer the perfect blend of comfort, support, and customization, ensuring an optimal sitting experience for all.

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