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Optimizing Armor Selection in Helldivers 2: Best Choices for Mobility, Speed, and Balance

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In Helldivers 2, there are three types of armor: light, medium, and heavy builds. Each type has its own passive stats that provide combat buffs on the field. While some passive stats are repeated throughout the game, there are different combinations available, such as light or heavy body armor with a 50 percent explosive damage reduction.

Optimizing Armor Selection in Helldivers 2: Best Choices for Mobility, Speed, and Balance

When choosing armor, it is important to consider your playstyle, weapons, and Stratagems. Additionally, whether you are playing solo or with a team will also impact your body armor pick.

The best type of armor to purchase is light armor. It not only provides passive stats similar to medium or heavy types, but it also prioritizes mobility. This allows for effortless sliding, diving, and dodging of bullets without getting overwhelmed by enemies. The extra mobility also enables the use of stiffer weapons and stationary support weapons.

Here is our ranking of the best armor in Helldivers 2:

  1. SC-34 Infiltrator (light)
  2. DP-53 Saviour of the Free or DP-40 Hero of the Federation (medium)
  3. CE-35 Trench Engineer (medium)
  4. SC-30 Trailblazer Scout (light)
  5. CM-09 Bonesnapper (medium)
  6. SA-12 Servo Assisted (medium)
  7. B-24 Enforcer (medium)

Please note that this list may change as new body armor becomes available.

When choosing armor, it is important to prioritize speed and balance. If you are playing solo, it is recommended to choose light armor. However, if you are playing with a team, it is advisable to have more balanced body armor, with your passive stat dependent on your playstyle and Stratagem picks.

The top pick is the SC-34 Infiltrator light armor. It is currently the fastest in Helldivers 2 and comes with balanced statistics. While it doesn't have extra protection within its passives, its strength lies in its overall speed, stealth, and repositioning abilities. The Infiltrator is a great choice for both solo and team players.

The DP-53 Saviour of the Free and DP-40 Hero of the Federation are also excellent choices. They provide balanced statistics, giving you speed and extra cushioning against incoming damage. The Saviour of the Free reduces the risk of dying from haemorrhages and critical damage, making it particularly useful during Terminid swarms.

The CE-35 Trench Engineer is a well-balanced medium armor. It offers a 30 percent reduction in weapon recoil when crouched and prone, making it ideal for stealth or long-range fighting. It also provides an extra two grenades, allowing for efficient enemy elimination.

The SC-30 Trailblazer Scout is another light armor that excels in speed and stamina regeneration. It is best suited for highly alert players who enjoy constant movement. However, its small armor rating means that damage may be taken quicker than with other body armor.

The CM-09 Bonesnapper acts as the medic of the group. It provides extra stims and additional health, creating a tankier build without sacrificing speed. This armor is recommended for solo players and those looking to fulfill a supportive role.

The SA-12 Servo Assisted offers balanced statistics, with extra limb protection and an increased throwing range. It is a great choice for sabotage missions and reduces the risk of broken limbs from explosive damage.

The B-24 Enforcer, although a Superstore armor, is worth mentioning. It includes reasonable passives that reduce recoil and increase damage resistance. It is useful in long-range battles, but its low stamina regeneration puts the player at risk if trapped inside enemy territory.

In conclusion, when choosing armor in Helldivers 2, prioritize mobility, speed, and balance. Consider your playstyle, weapons, and whether you are playing solo or with a team. The SC-34 Infiltrator, DP-53 Saviour of the Free, and DP-40 Hero of the Federation are among the top choices. However, the best armor for you ultimately depends on your individual preferences and strategies.

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