November 7, 2023

Experience the Thrills of MW3 Zombies: Operation Deadbolt in Urzikstan

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Modern Warfare 3 introduces an exciting new Zombies mode called 'Operation Deadbolt'. This open-world, squad-based, player-vs-environment epic takes place in Urzikstan and offers a unique extraction shooter experience. Players must complete tasks, eradicate the undead nightmares, and successfully extract from the map. It's a comprehensive Zombies experience that includes brand-new mechanics, fresh ways to play, and a range of exciting features.

Experience the Thrills of MW3 Zombies: Operation Deadbolt in Urzikstan

Unique Features

MW3 Zombies allows players to create loadouts with a mix of contraband and player-owned weapons, similar to DMZ. Players can also choose Operators and use items that carry over from game to game, such as perks, power-ups, field upgrades, bags, and other equipment. Additionally, there are unique field upgrades unlocked as players level up, including Energy Mine, Frenzied Guard, Healing Aura, Frost Blast, Aether Shroud, and Tesla Storm.

Acquisitions and Schematics

Two new elements in MW3 Zombies are 'Acquisitions' and 'Schematics'. Players can pick up these items while raiding through COD Zombies and use them to craft special items that upgrade Pack-a-Punched weapons, making them more powerful. The special items are called Aetherium and Aether Tools.


MW3 Zombies brings back the popular 'Perk-a-Colas' from Call of Duty: Black Ops. These Perk-a-Colas provide various benefits to players and enhance their gameplay. The list of Perk-a-Colas in MW3 Zombies includes Deadshot Daquiri, Death Perception, Elemental Pop, Jugger-Nog, PHD Flopper, Quick Revive, Speed Cola, Stamin-Up, and Tombstone Soda.

Ammo Mods

Similar to previous COD Zombies games, MW3 Zombies features a range of ammo mods that provide elemental upgrades as players slay the undead in Urzikstan.

Gameplay and Objectives

In MW3 Zombies, the core goal is to complete tasks, missions, 'Tiers', and 'Acts' as players explore the open world of Urzikstan during the Zombie apocalypse. The world is divided into regions with varying intensity and threat levels. Players have the freedom to explore and choose their own path, but they must be cautious to avoid getting bitten by the undead.

Good luck in your Zombie-fighting endeavors!

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