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Rainbow 6 Betting: The Ultimate Guide

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Rainbow Six Siege's eventual esports success seemed inevitable. As a first-person shooter, it was certain to attract the most skilled players from all over the globe. R6S, as folks call it, took a more tactical approach to the FPS genre than other first-person shooters.

Rainbow 6 Betting: The Ultimate Guide

Although games like Call of Duty focus heavily on violent run-and-gun gameplay, the R6S was a unique beast. Tactics, strategic moves, and well-coordinated teamwork were essential to victory. In most cases, you would lose every round instantly if you plunged mindlessly into the environment.

Due to the unprecedented aspect of this field of play, competition is high, and with it comes the prospect of winning considerable monetary gains.

What is Rainbow Six?

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six is a video game series published by Ubisoft, with Rainbow Six being the first installment. Since its debut in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege has been the game of choice for esports competitions, and bets on Rainbow Six: Siege have exploded in popularity. Teams of five compete against one another in Attacker vs. Defender matches, with strategic teamwork playing a crucial role in the outcome. Players traverse several areas while they engage in combat, and at each level, they can demolish certain structures to increase their tactical options. It's a first-person shooter with a focus on strategy.

Rainbow Six Siege has a wide variety of game modes, each with its own distinct play style:

  • In the Hostage competitive mode, the objective of the attackers is to free the hostage, while the goal of the defenders is to stop them. To win the round as the defense, you must either kill all the attackers or keep the hostage safe for the game's duration. Attackers must be careful to rescue the captive without endangering them, or they risk losing the scenario.
  • In the Bomb game mode, players must search for and defuse one of two hidden explosives. If the defenders can wipe out the attackers and destroy the defuser, they will win rounds. If the defenders successfully eliminate the attackers afterward when the defuser has been installed but cannot defuse it in time, the defenders will suffer a defeat.
  • In the Secure Area mode, the defenders guard a chamber containing a biohazard receptacle while the attackers attempt to protect it. Both players must be eliminated for the game to terminate, or the attacking team must secure the biohazard container while no defenders are detectable.

Rainbow Six eSports Betting Options

These Rainbow Six Siege wagering markets often amass the largest pools at the best Rainbow Six betting sites, since that's where most bettors focus their money.

Finalist/Tournament Winner

Match-winner bets, in which you pick the victor of a single game or the series winner with no further restrictions, are the most basic kind of esports wagering. Bettors should expect a wide range of unpredictability and odds in these markets. While the performance of established leads is typically predictable, some underdogs always have a chance to win.

Map Winner

One of the "outright winner" markets, this bet is based on who will come out on top on a given map in a tournament. Bettors should avoid picking the current leader of the tournament table as a possible map winner. It's not uncommon for a match on a map to hinge on the performance of one or two players in a particular squad.

Correct Score

This is much the same as the preceding section, except that the score prediction for Rainbow Six wagers must be as precise as possible. It's a high-stakes gamble that involves extensive study of all teams and games, but the potential payout is substantial if you win. This bet type requires the best Rainbow Six betting strategy to predict properly.


A bettor predicts that the cumulative points scored in an R6 esports tournament or series length will fall within a certain range. A gambler will lose their stake if they go above the numbers set. The highest possible score carries the highest possible risk and, in rare cases, the most real money Rainbow Six betting may give.

Most Kills

A bettor's task is to predict who will rack up the most kills in a match or tournament. It's the most common type of Rainbow Six betting because it's so straightforward: many teams designate their finest players as "special devastators" in the esports scene and equip them with the game's most lethal attacks.

Special Bets

Different bookmakers may also provide a variety of other specialty wagers. One such wager involves predicting whether or not the team will successfully deploy the defuser, whether or not a hostage will be injured, and so forth.

The Best Rainbow Six Tournaments To Bet On

If you're looking for professional Rainbow Six Siege tournaments, Ubisoft, the game's publisher, is hosting three of them, and they're all interconnected - the   Six Invitational, Six Major, and Pro League. 

The esports scene of gaming conventions like Gamers8 frequently features R6 Siege. Last but not least, community members may look forward to a handful of annual esports competitions hosted by game developers and funded by industry sponsors. Some of them become robust fixed annuals, while most of them are one-time only.

Six Invitational

The Six Invitational is Ubisoft's primary Rainbow Six Siege esports tournament. Every year, the top 20 teams compete in international esports events. These teams are the champions of regional matches and the undisputed leaders in esports. The grand prize in the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational is $1,000,000, and the overall prize pool is $3,000,000. Dozens of presenters and streamers, backed by a formidable analytic staff, transmitted the playthroughs to an international audience.

The combat is brutal, the entertainment is exciting, and the outcomes of the bets are unexpected. Lucky bettors can win life-changing sums despite low betting odds when younger teams unexpectedly outplay an outright champion, and obscure players become stars in a day.

Six Major

Rainbow Six: Siege's Six Major tournaments is a little smaller but a renowned event that takes place twice a year, in May and November, and is titled by the host city, such as Six Major Paris. Ubisoft likewise hosts it, and its 16 teams are divided into four groups: eight Pro League regional champions, six teams that advanced via major and minor qualifiers, the champion from the previous year's tournament, and the host's favorite. Gamers at the highest levels continue to be drawn to the tournament's $500,000 prize fund.

The worldwide league and rigorous qualification round open up a large betting space. It's not easy to foresee every outcome in a Rainbow Six Siege match, such as whether or not the regional champions are worthy of each other or whether or not the publisher's pick will advance to the semi-finals. To capitalize on this, bookmakers provide a wide variety of relatively accurate alternatives, each with much higher betting odds and hazards.

Pro League

If you're looking for the next big name in esports, go no further than the Pro League. Twice yearly, before each set of Six Majors, is a Pro League season. There are four different regional championships within the Pro League: Europe, Latin America, North America, and Asia & the Pacific. Winners advance to the final round and are chosen to compete in the Major Championship. With match series in the Pro League typically lasting for a few months, a punter has adequate time to win and analyze favored squads.

Pro League wagering is both the most challenging and most straightforward in the industry. It is a meeting ground for the few seasoned teams with an extensive list of victories and the many up-and-coming squads with few, if any, such achievements to their names. The ultimate victory is usually certain, yet miracles do occur. However, underdog clubs can win big for bettors in various games and seasons.

Rainbow Six Betting Tips

You are nearly ready to begin Rainbow Six Siege betting now that you understand the various markets and odds formats accessible. Increase your chances of winning bets in Rainbow Six Siege by following the advice we've provided below.

1. Identify opportunities to back the favorite or the underdog

Knowing which side is the favorite and the underdog in each R6 esports encounter will help you make your wagers. In R6 betting, backing obvious favorites too often might hurt your chances of winning.

2. Know the rules of the game

Knowing the ins and outs of Rainbow Six Siege, from the operators (useable characters) and their skills to standard methods and gameplay, is crucial for winning wagers. Players must master their preferred operator's unique offensive, defensive, and support abilities. Knowing the key players and how they interact with your favorite teams will give you an edge and allow you to explore more nuanced betting markets.

3. Get involved in the bigger R6 community and do your homework

Many people play Rainbow Six Siege, and they all like talking to one another and sharing their thoughts. Most professional R6 players, particularly on Twitter and Twitch, may be found on social media. You may make learning about R6 more fun by developing a strong connection with the teams you wish to support by watching their live broadcasts and keeping up with their social media. The operators and overall play style of the players you watch live may tell you a lot about the game and the team you're rooting for.

Final Thoughts

Tournaments and other events for Rainbow Six Siege often happen throughout the year. A vast gambling landscape awaits you in Rainbow Six. Check out some of the eSportsbooks we've evaluated on eSportRanker and start placing bets if you're itching to get into the action.

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