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Gunsbet is a top esports provider, offering a comprehensive selection of popular esports games to bet on. All of your favorite games, including Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft 2, CS:GO, Call of Duty, are available on their platform. With a user-friendly interface and a commitment to providing a seamless esports betting experience, Gunsbet is the perfect choice for both seasoned esports bettors and newcomers to the scene.

Most Popular Esports to bet on with Gunsbet

GunsBet has since added numerous additional titles to its eSport armory, including Garena's Arena of Valor, King of Glory, Rainbow Six Siege, and Starcraft II.

Despite having a restricted range of eSports to wager on, the variety of events, tournaments, and matches is fantastic. Some smaller, local leagues may pose a problem, but these are typically not available on other betting sites.

Not only is CS: GO one of the most popular first-person shooters globally, but betting on CS: GO is also a focus of Gunsbet, which is highly on-theme. The most variety of matches available across all games here, including important competitions such as the epic CS: GO Major Championship.

The betting markets are moderate and slightly lower than the industry average. In addition to the typical match-winner scenario, you'll discover 5 to 20 other betting markets depending on the event and match you pick.

So, while this may not be ideal for those searching for exotics, it will suffice for casual bettors seeking a two-way bet.

Live eSports Betting

Live betting is accessible here, although the number of matches isn't as large as betting on regular, upcoming matches.

Compared to similar betting platforms, the choice of betting alternatives is substantially bigger. You may choose from more than ten distinct scenarios for certain CS: GO live matches, which is excellent for live betting.

The In-Play function allows you to observe which games are being played and even place a wager in real-time. The Schedule & Outcomes section lets you see what events are available for betting on before they begin and examine the outcomes of prior events.

You may also change how the odds are shown and prioritize certain sports by changing your display. The Statistic Center section is intended to offer data about teams' previous performance so that you can make an informed betting selection. The desktop version's right side displays your bet slip and betting history.

Dota 2

Gunsbet is a good option for Dota 2 bettors. There are over ten active events where you may place a bet. Dota Pro Circuit, Dream League, ESL One, I-League, and others are among the tournaments that bettors can enjoy.

The variety of Dota 2 betting markets is also rather good. Take the Team Liquid vs. OG match as an example: there are over ten distinct betting choices. You may, for example, bet on the amount of played maps in an over/under format, the map-specific winner, the first Aegis, tower, or barracks, or even try to anticipate the precise map score.

League of Legends

We can't say anything about the diversity of League of Legends matchups because, at the time of writing, only MSI is accessible. The MSI is one of the best yearly LoL tournaments, and there isn't much else going on at the same time.

Only a few local leagues are playing right now, but the main teams are either at the MSI or preparing between the Spring and Summer splits.

The situation isn't much better than the match selection for MSI betting markets. There are just a few betting alternatives, but they may be sufficient for most gamblers.

Match winner, the first team to take the first blood, the first team to demolish a tower, the first team to kill Baron, and the first team to destroy an inhibitor are among the betting choices.

Kings Of Glory

King of Glory is a competitive esport in China, with thousands of spectators and staggering prize money. One of the unique aspects of KOG is that it is one of the few mobile-only esports. Although fans may watch games on a large screen, on YouTube, or other platforms, all professional matches are played on phones. It is also a free-to-play esport game, which adds to its continuous appeal.

Many bet options are available in King of Glory, many of which are also available in other popular MOBAs like Dota 2 or LoL, such as match winner, accurate score, round winners, team to draw first blood, first to demolish a turret, and so on.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a multiplayer online tactical shooter that strongly emphasizes strategy and collaboration. R6 is significantly distinct from other shooters on the market, such as Call of Duty, CS: GO, and Valorant Betting.

The game aims to defend or attack an objective against an opposing team, either a Hostage, Bomb, or Secure Area.

The overall esports environment of this game has been steadily growing over the years, providing more opportunities for teams to face each other off. More competitions mean plenty of opportunities for R6S betting, especially for the largest Rainbow Six esports tournament, like The Six Invitational.

Some of the common eSports betting markets are outright winners, match winners, most kills, and special bets like whether or not the hostage gets hurt and who defuses the most bombs.

StarCraft II

StarCraft 2 is a well-known real-time strategy (RTS) esport from Blizzard Entertainment. Two players participate in the sport by picking one of three races, Terrans, Protoss, or Zerg, which are available on a previously chosen map.

Their gaming experiences are also diverse and distinct from one another. Players must still make quick decisions, and the ability to multitask is essential. Because of the fast-paced action in-game, this is great for thrill-seeking bettors.

The most common betting markets are Match Winner, Map Winner, Handicaps, Team A/B To Win 1 Map, Team A/B Not Winning Any Map, Correct Map Score, Over/Under Total Maps, Team To Win Group, Team To Win Tournament, and Region Of Tournament Winner.