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Proper management of an eSports betting account is a vital aspect of responsible gambling. Wagering requires money, and it takes a well-funded account to enjoy what the bookmaker has on offer. Transfer Money via bank ranks high among the most widely used payment methods at online esports betting sites. Almost every punter owns a bank account, local or international.

At one point or another, they find themselves using this method to transfer money to an online bookie. Any player who wishes to use this option should have some basic knowledge about how it works and its pros and cons. This article will discuss these in detail.

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About Transfer Money esports betting

About Transfer Money esports betting

Money transfer from one bank account to the next can be traced back to 1,800 BC. The idea started in Babylon when money lenders would give loans and charge interest. At the same time, Roman and Greek banks were accepting deposits as savings.

Throughout history, banking technology has taken several twists and turns, but the ability to transfer money over the internet has been the most significant change. Online banking started as soon as web-based connectivity became a global thing in the mid-90s.

Is Transfer Money popular?

Transfer Money is probably the oldest method of transacting. It is also the most popular payment system in all countries worldwide. It comes as no surprise that it is the most widely-used payment option for esports betting. Almost all commercial banks today have an online banking platform where users sign up to monitor and manage their finances remotely.

Some banks transfer money electronically without a charge as long as the recipient has an account within the same institution. Others will do it at a fee, but the transfer time is dependent on the amount in question.

About Transfer Money esports betting
How to make a deposit with Transfer Money

How to make a deposit with Transfer Money

When bettors choose to transfer money via bank to start playing eSports bets, they need to know the bank account ID of the online esport sportsbook. There are countless banking systems around the world, so the process of transferring funds electronically may not be the same across different banks. Similarly, the process will differ in terms of transaction limits and transfer timeframes. But the average transfer time is 24 - 48 hours for local banks or 2 - 5 business days for international banks.

Using Transfer Money in online esport bookmakers

Despite the subtle differences in banking systems, the basic concept remains the same. Esports bettors who prefer this deposit method will use a process that looks like this:

  1. Register a personal account with an eSports bookmaker
  2. Open the account using login credentials
  3. Head over to the banking/payment/cashier section
  4. Select online banking, wire transfer, or direct bank transfer
  5. Tick a favorite banking institution
  6. Log in to a secure gateway or input the routing number and account number
  7. Authenticate the login via a mobile app, email prompt, or an OTP sent via SMS
  8. Add how much to deposit to the eSports betting account
  9. Confirm the payment
  10. Receive credit for betting
How to make a deposit with Transfer Money
How to make a withdrawal with Transfer Money

How to make a withdrawal with Transfer Money

Any gambler who has used an e-commerce site for a business understands how easy it can be to transfer money from a website to an individual bank account. Withdrawing winnings from a bookmaker is the reverse of depositing.

  1. Open the eSports betting site and log in with a password and email or username
  2. Navigate to the banking/cashier/payments page
  3. Confirm winnings and the amount to withdraw
  4. Choose a payment method for withdrawal- internet banking, bank transfer, or wire transfer
  5. Provide a unique online banking ID
  6. Verify the betting account and the banking ID (must be in sync)
  7. Wait for approval
  8. The bookmaker transfers the money to the player’s bank account within 2-5 working days

Transfer Money withdrawals are not instant. First, the eSports betting provider will take some time to verify the player’s identity. This is a crucial security measure for online gambling that helps to avoid any online fraud. It has become increasingly common for online gamblers to be defrauded of their hard-earned winnings. That is why all legitimate and safe sites take time to double-check whether the person requesting a withdrawal actually participated in placing eSports bets.

How to make a withdrawal with Transfer Money
Pros and Cons with Transfer Money

Pros and Cons with Transfer Money

When eSports punters transfer money online, they manage their bank accounts through mobile devices or computers. This means they don’t need to visit their branches to complete transactions. This comes with both merits and demerits, as noted below.


  • Ability to deposit money at online esports betting sites with a few clicks or phone screen swipes
  • Relatively lower transfer costs
  • Safe getaways for checkouts


Sometimes, one needs to find an ATM or banking institution to put money into their accounts before sending it to an online eSports betting account. This process can be complicated. Depending on the country, gambling transactions may be traced or highly restricted by authorities.

  • May be subject to strict laws and regulations of a country
  • Cumbersome transfer
Pros and Cons with Transfer Money
Transfer Money account opening process

Transfer Money account opening process

To acquire a Transfer Money account, one needs a national ID, meaning they must be of legal age. It is also possible to open an international account that can accommodate different currencies. But such accounts are often limited in terms of how much to transact daily. Plus, it takes longer to perform a wire transfer to a different country.

Some countries allow minors to have bank accounts, but they must be supervised by adult guardians or parents. Opening a new bank account doesn’t require another bank account because every institution operates independently.

How to set up an account

It takes a simple but formal procedure to open a bank Transfer Money account.

  • Choosing a banking institution and type of account: Each bank has different account options, i.e., checking account, fixed deposit account, savings account, etc. A checking account works best for online Transfer Money.
  • Filling up personal details: The account opening form is like a proposal. Here, the applicant provides their full name, email, phone number, address, and tax compliance details.
  • Proof of identity: Banking institutions will ask for a passport-sized photo, ID card, fingerprint, and signature.
  • Creating an online banking profile: Once the application has been accepted, the customer can open an online Transfer Money account. The process can be done on the bank’s website or corresponding mobile app.
Transfer Money account opening process
Transfer Money customer support options

Transfer Money customer support options

Transfer Money accounts are managed from physical branches and remotely. While it is possible to walk into a financial institution to inquire about something, online communication is more convenient. Trustworthy providers have dedicated call centers, and their online agents are always available to chat with customers. The most common channels of solving customer issues are:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Online inquiry form
  • Live chat

Most financial institutions open their phone lines in the morning and close them in the evening. Phone calls may not work on some hours during weekends and public holidays. Emails and online forms are replied to within 24 - 48 hours. Most live chats are available on the banking apps. Some are bot-enabled, while others involve human customer reps.

Transfer Money customer support options
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